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March 31, 2021

Yes! We do provide Face to Face Treatment

Dear Patients and HPS Community,

Despite COVID vaccinations being well on their way, most treatment for mental health continues to be virtual. HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento is committed to continue to provide face to face and safe treatments to our patients. We understand that the virtual environment of schools, work and medical practice is important but ultimately cannot replace the healing that can occur when treatment occurs in the interpersonal space between doctor/therapist and patient.

We want to update you on our precautions during the continued COVID pandemic in our Community.

Yes, we continue to offer fact to face mental health treatment. 

Yes, we continue to take extra precautions to keep surfaces and hands clean, take everyone’s temperature, engage in social distancing and provide face masks to clinicians and patients.  All treatment offices are equipped with HEPA filters and the entire building is utilizing MERV 11 filtration in addition.  Our waiting room area has 3 distinct spaces allowing for easy social distancing. HPS clinical staff are taking extra precautions to sanitize office surfaces, phones, and furniture on a hourly basis. 

We ask all our patients, when you are feeling unwell, have a dry sore-throat, cough, fever, or experience loss of smell, please STAY HOME and consult the advice of your physician.  If you have been attending large crowds such as demonstrations, church services, graduations, funerals, or family parties, we ask you to self-quarantine and get tested for COVID-19 before returning to face to face treatment. You also have the option of being treated via Telehealth by HPS clinicians.

For more than 25 years HPS has been a sanctuary for health and healing. Many of you have been able to benefit from HPS’s face to face offerings of compassionate healing treatments. 

HPS continues to be a support, a refuge, and a place of peace during these challenging times.

We welcome you and we are doing everything we can to maintain our clinic’s safe and healthy treatment environment.  

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