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March 5, 2021

The Trifecta: Trauma – Pain – Addiction

Trauma – Pain – Addiction are connected but rarely treated in concert: For Trauma there is counseling, for pain there are meds and for addition there is AA, or addiction treatment centers. However, trauma predisposes the brain to be more sensitive to pain and trauma dysregulates the endorphin system and sensitizes a person to substance cravings and use. While it is not impossible to treat Addiction and Chronic Pain separately, it is so much harder to maintain gains made, without concomitant trauma treatment.

HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento has developed a treatment model for treating Trauma-Pain-Addiction in a holistic modality. Each patient works with their individual therapist and a supportive treatment team on their issues, problems and concerns. We believe that treatment and recovery happens one person at a time. See below the treatments we offer to address the trifecta of Trauma-Pain-Addiction.

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