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Somatic Psychotherapy and Mindfulness

Somatic psychotherapy connects bodily sensations that may have become trapped within the body by past trauma.  Often, these trauma based sensations are now reflected in facial expressions, posture, muscular pain, or other forms of body language. Talk therapy in conjunction with a somatic focus can help address these sensate states and move a patient toward resolution and healing.

Somatic psychotherapy increases self-awareness, fosters the resolution of psychological concerns, and seeks to resolve deep-rooted mental health issues and provide psychological insights.

Mindfulness is an aspect of Somatic Psychotherapy and may be fundamentally understood as the state in which one becomes more aware of one’s physical, mental, and emotional condition in the present moment, without becoming judgmental. Mindfulness practices are believed to be able to help people better control their thoughts, rather than be controlled by them. Even small negative thoughts can accumulate and/or spiral out of control, leading to concerns such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. In practicing mindfulness patients become better at separating themselves from negative thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations before they become overwhelming. Regular mindfulness practice is believed to help further psychological insight and emotional healing.