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Our Health Protocol

Health Psychology Sacramento encourages genetic testing to identify patients who have a compromised ability to process oxidative stress.  This is helpful when patients are choosing medications as a treatment option.  Genetic testing also helps our Naturopathic Doctor to support nutrient-based therapy choices for you.

Below is our hierarchy of goals for optimal bodily functioning and some targeted interventions.

Optimize diet: minimize simple carbohydrates, minimize inflammation Pt is given choice of several low glycemic, low inflammatory, low grain diets; supplement with Zyflammend, NAC
Reduce Stress Yoga, meditation, music, mindfulness, breathing, CES, BAUD
GI Health Repair if needed: prebiotics, probiotics, diet as above, supplement with Oregano oil, Digestive Enzymes, and address IBS sx
Optimize Sleep Get 7-9 hrs of sleep per night; progressive sleep regulation; supplement w/ melatonin, sleep hygiene: cool, dark room, no TV in the bedroom, abstain from screen time 1 hr prior to bedtime, regular sleep and wake times.
Exercise 30-60 min per day; 4-6 days per week: walking, biking, low impact aerobics, yoga.
Brain Support Supplement with: DHA/EPA omega-3 fatty acids, NAC,  Dopa Boost, Nutritional Lithium, IntraMax. Depression: SAMe, 5 HPT, ; Anxiety: Valerian, Gaba, etc.
Reduce Homocystine to < 7 Supplement with Methycare, MTHF
Hormone Health Optimize after GI and sleep optimization occurred: Optimize fT3, fT4, E2, T, progesterone, pregnenolone, cortisol, adrenal and thyroid support
Optimize mitochondrial function Nicotinamide Riboside, NAD, IntraMax
Increase focus Pantothenic Acid (B5); RediMind; Practice Brain HQ daily
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