“Many people do not realize the toll stress can have on their lives. Caring for mind and body leads to a healthier, happier and more productive life.” Cynthia Wainscott

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Creating Healing & Meaning

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Each patient works with their own treatment team in individual sessions on their treatment goals.  The treatment team always includes a primary therapist who guides the team during the course of your treatment.  Other team members may include, depending on your condition:

  • a trauma therapist,
  • a cognitive therapist offering CBT, DBT and/or ACT,
  • a yoga therapist,
  • a music therapist,
  • a family therapist,
  • a naturopathic doctor       and/or
  • a psychologist.

You will be guided by a team of highly trained clinicians in your recovery, so you can move forward into healing and health.

We conceive the path into health and healing as an intentional process by which we focus our motivation to restore our authentic life to balance. We do this by embracing

  • a healthy diet and exercise,
  • remedial therapies,
  • exploring internal thoughts, feelings and our spiritual connections,   and
  • caring for existing relationships.

As a result of this commitment, wellness, meaning and purpose transform suffering, and our life’s harmony and integrity are restored.  Clinicians at HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento will support you in this commitment toward creating healing and meaning in your life.