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Mood & Anxiety

HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento offers therapies and interventions that take individual circumstances and needs into consideration. This means, that at times, unwanted sad moods may be appropriate as much as unwanted anxieties can be understood given specific life circumstances. Frequently, when negative unplanned or overwhelming live events have affected one’s life for too long disorders arise: We cannot sleep well any longer, we become hopeless, depressed, tense and anxious. In this context, our moods serve as a reminder that we have been neglecting ourselves or that our live has become unhealthy or that we have lost perspective of what really matters. Psychotherapy can help with that type of mood problem better than any pill.

Over the past decade, the dramatic rise in mood and anxiety problems has been linked to “generational kindling”. This means that in families that have a history of depression, anxiety and/or alcoholism, subsequent generations have an increased incidence of these disorders: the onset is earlier and the course of the disorders tend to be more severe. It is for these reasons that your doctor and psychiatrist is prescribing medication. It is assumed that generational kindling changes gene expression toward illness.

At HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento we understand generational kindling as an intergenerational psychosocial process by which children learn from their parents how to respond to adverse conditions, they learn addictive behaviors, emotional and cognitive response patterns, but also experiences of helplessness, victimization, and limitation. While not every child in a family is susceptible to these often unconscious learning patterns, frequently the most sensitive child is. At HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento we work with the entire family to create a support environment that fosters self-care, conscious food choices, healthy activities with community and nature, and mindful choices that allow children to grow according to their developmental needs, and less according to media demands. But adults too can change their lives toward health. It is never too late to embrace health and healing.

HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento offers behavioral and mind/body therapies that have a body of rigorous studies behind them. Dr. Stehle has researched non-medication based treatments for mental health for the past 30 years.