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Why Medications are often not the Solution?

HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento treats it’s young patients from a perspective of empowerment, support, and finding pathways to overcome challenges.  We do this by supporting and validating experience and assisting the entire family system to respond with patience and kindness to their members needs.  We teach specific skills to parents and children to self-regulate their emotions and create a family structure that supports mental and physical health.

Our clinicians take the path of least intrusion, meaning that we would refer for medication evaluations if our treatment does not produce the expected results.  If a young patient already is on medication we will coordinate with the treating physician and encourage ongoing evaluations as improvement in behavior and overall symptoms may necessitate changing the medical protocol.

A Word on Medications:

We know that anti-depressants have limited success in kids and teens and carry the highest risk warnings the government can issue. Stimulant drugs like Concerta and Ritalin have increased by ~400% and there are currently 6 million kids and teens on these drugs, yet stimulants are near the top for potentially addictive effects. Stimulants can cause agitation, irritability, anger, hostility, dis-inhibition, and mania; we give it to be able to concentrate and sit still in school.

At a time when more people are addicted to medications than illegal drugs, we feel that it is ill advice to give our young people the message that difficulties are fixed with drugs and medications. We advocate conscious change, in the context of support and hard work. Our approach instills a message that says: “I can be anything I want to be if I work hard toward it, and have the people to support me in my goals.”