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Chronic Pain

Intensive Outpatient Programs For Kids & Teens With Chronic Pain

If your child or teenager has been suffering from prolonged unexplained pain, residual pain from a major surgery or accident, or pain that has not entirely responded to medical treatments, we can help. Our program aims to give our young patients back their dreams and their future.

Studies show that people suffering from chronic pain get the best relief from a multidisciplinary program like ours.  At HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento we utilize the following interventions in the context of play and relationship based psychotherapy:

Our Integrative Pain Management Program has helped many patients reduce their need for pain medication, sometimes eliminating it completely. The program is designed so our young patients can gradually increase their strength, range of motion and regain their confidence and esteem. Physical efforts paired with relaxation and breath practices support overall pain management strategies, increase a deep relaxation response, prevent re-injury, and build functional abilities. Our psychological therapies help our young patients regain their confidence, social engagement, and their happiness.

We are committed to giving you and your family the best quality of care possible.