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The New Paradigm

Autism is treatable and in some cases reversible.

In contrast to seeing autism as a genetically determined fixed brain-based disorder. The new paradigm sees autism as the result of genetically vulnerable and sensitive children. If these children are strengthened and supported they can overcome this vulnerability and hypersensitivity: a strengthened mind and a strengthened body, in conjunction with new skills reduce autistic symptoms to a significant degree.

From the experience of treating autistic children in this new way a road map has emerged. Autism is primarily an environmental and not a genetically mediated disorder. Predisposing factors are:

  • Genetic vulnerabilities (minor genetic flaws)
  • A toxic environment (see ‘Oxidative Stress’), and
  • A nutrient-deficient diet

In autism, the effects of these insults are magnified by the overuse of medications such as antibiotics and vaccinations, which increase the susceptibility to infections and promote allergies and autoimmunity.

What has emerged is the insight that autism is a complex, multisystem disorder rooted in a series of toxic, infectious, and allergic insults. Inflammation, disruptions in normal energy metabolism and an impaired ability to detoxify produce a form of metabolic encephalopathy (inflammation of the brain). What we see in the symptoms of autism is the severity of an inflamed brain. This brain abnormality is treatable and in early cases reversible. Diet, social skills and a natural support of the body’s ability to detoxify are crucial for recovery from Autism.