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November 5, 2013

November Reflections

The last fruit are giving up their final sweetness: rose hips, persimmon and tangerines. Night comes early and dawn late.  Soon there will be frost in the mornings on the birdbath and the wind shields. As the light diminishes we are asked to become aware of our inner light and we (mostly in Europe) encourage children to light lanterns and go on lantern walks.  We celebrate St. Martin (11.11) as the second of the Saints who give us strength to focus inward as we go into the winter months.  The first was St. Michael who fought and tamed the dragon.  Now St. Martin is showing us how we become enriched by compassion and sharing.  By doing what is right we heal humanity: through our contributions of consciousness (Michael’s sword) and compassion (Martin sharing his cloak with the beggar) we all are lifted and able to face darkness and pain.  We are also reminded that without the inward focus that condenses and renews our creative energies, the awakening of spring would not be possible.  “We have it in our power to begin the world over again” says Robert Paine.  We do this through the cyclical nature of our lives: from each breath we take, to daily, weekly and annual rhythms.  Meaning lives in the rhythms of our lives.

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