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News and Events

February 27, 2021

Self-Care Reminders

COVID-19 has created enormous stressors for families.  We know that our teens and young adults have been suffering tremendously, and so have adults and especially moms, the unemployed, single people, and care takers.  While you can’t always control the circumstances that lifeRead Full Entry...

February 23, 2021

What Makes Women Vulnerable to Addiction

Women, generally speaking, cannot handle their liquor as well as men! May be! What we do know is, that it takes much less for women to get hooked on addictive substances. Here are some data points: HPS offers an all women treatment team that understands the struggles of women. Frequently,Read Full Entry...

February 19, 2021

How We Heal

Healing rarely occurs in a crowd. Healing is an intimate experience where in the safety of the human relationship we are able to give voice to our hurts and vulnerabilities and are received in compassion. We are seen and valued and we can risk again to value, appreciate ourselves and receive ourRead Full Entry...

February 16, 2021

Yes – We continue to offer Face to Face Treatment

Dear Patients and HPS Community,Despite COVID vaccinations being well on their way, most treatment for mental health continues to be virtual. HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento is committed to continue to provide face to face and safe treatments to our patients. We understand that the virtual environmentRead Full Entry...

February 9, 2021

Face to Face Treatment for Teens and Young Adults

Anxiety and Depression have grown exponentially since the COVID pandemic. Teens and Young Adults are particularly vulnerable to develop even severe mental health symptoms during this time. They needs their peers to develop their relational skills, to grow their talents to ultimately arrive onRead Full Entry...