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April 8, 2021

Help for Young Adults & Teens during COVID-19

Anxiety and Depression have grown exponentially since the COVID pandemic. Teens and Young Adults are particularly vulnerable to develop even severe mental health symptoms during this time. They need to develop their relational skills, to grow their talents to ultimately arrive on a self-identity that they can be proud of. This process of finding oneself cannot be done on line. It occurs in the close interchange of sharing experience and by learning to take care of ones own needs in the context of exploring “WHO AM I?

Anxiety and Depression problems are very common mental health conditions in teens and young adults.  The sad part is, that as many as 80 %  do not get the treatment they need.    Anxiety and depression are however very treatable and clinicians increasingly use an intensive modality called IOP – Intensive Outpatient Program to get expected results in a time effective manner. Health Psychology Sacramento offers an approach that fosters the exploration of gifts, through music, art, movement and voice. We offer a supporting and validating environment that does include family treatment and as one of our young adults put it:

 I’d like to express to you the immense gratitude for the time I’ve been able to partake in the clinic … it was the swelling of my heart being filled with such kindness – both gentle and bold. I am still letting it all in, and finding things to let go to make room for all these new delights of life.”

No clinician could have said it better. HPS provides both an Anker and Inspiration to grow into the adult our young patients wish and need to become.

Please contact Dr. Stehle about Health Psychology’s IOP – Intensive Outpatient Programs for teens and young adults.  Health Psychology Sacramento has been providing intensive treatments for 20 years and have been recognized by the community as leaders in their field.

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