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November 23, 2020

Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain 2020/2021

slider1-smPatients suffering from chronic pain have been made aware of the national health crisis due to the overuse of opioid medications.  What many of you have noticed is that physicians have become reluctant continuing to prescribe opioids as a maintenance treatment.  However, most of the time, no alternatives have been offered and your pain condition is just getting worse.

The Mayo Clinic in 2008 already reported the results of their study, that patients who were weaned off opioids and underwent non-drug-based treatment experienced less pain then while on opioids; their ability to function also increased significantly.  Other studies reported similar findings, yet non-opioid treatments are not readily available and frequently physicians are unaware of their existence.  Here are some of the reasons:

  • Physicians are trained in prescribing medications.  Physicians want to quickly control the direct pain pathways.  This is very important immediately after an injury or post-operatively in order to prevent neurological pain pathways from becoming established.
  • Physicians do not have the time to teach patients how they themselves can control pain signaling to the brain.
  • Physicians do not have the time to address the psycho-social dimensions of pain: the withdrawal from work, the increasing lack of interest in interacting with family and friends, the increased concern over dependence, the increase in pain sensitivity due to opiate use (hyperalgesia), and addiction.

For the past 10 years, HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento has been offering a non-drug-based program for chronic pain sufferers.  Here you will learn how to close the pain gate in your brain, how to use cognitive skills, nutrition, yoga therapy, and music to control your pain and increase your ability to function and rejoin your family and work life.  Our program is paid for by private insurance.

Our clinic is partnering with Dignity Health’s Residency Program for family physicians to teach the utility of non-drug-based approaches for chronic pain.

If you are a patient suffering from chronic pain and feel your life is compromised as a result, give me a call.  I am the director of HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento and you can reach me, Dr. Ursula Stehle at 916-962-0222, ext 1#.  You and your family will benefit from your recovery.

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