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March 13, 2015

To Die of a Broken Heart

Young woman crying       Die of a broken heart? It’s a real (though rare) danger

We know that grieving a loved one can take many years, and frequently we carry the wounds of loss life long and as the article in the Sacramento Bee described can on rare occasions precipitate or lead to an early death. We also know from the research by Candice Pert that neuropeptides are the carriers of emotion and that every emotion has a lock and key receptor on every organ in our body.  What this means is that the proverbial “broken heart” and the “knot in the stomach” are direct manifestations from feeling sad or anxious.  We also know that mindfulness therapies that practice focused attention and regard our emotions as worthy to be listened to, teach us mastery over unwanted emotion. We have emotions but are not our emotions. Emotions are like the weather: when we do not regard intense weather with respect and prepare for its impact we can die from it just as much as we can die from the impact of our emotions.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/entertainment/living/health-fitness/article13251668.html#storylink=cp

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