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What has Dr. Stehle provided for me? She has provided an incredibly sacred and safe place for me to heal the demons that were inside of me. Demons that were handed down to me from generations, from the Vietnam war, from early childhood sexual abuse, from childhood trauma that stemmed from my parents’ neglect, shattering divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, violence and constant repetitive emotional and physical abandonment of me throughout my first twenty years of life. These early life experiences had come to haunt my adulthood daily and nightly for decades to follow. This haunting manifested itself in relentless sleepless nights, deep depression and suicidal thoughts and contemplations that were more real and close to me than I had ever even realized, until I began working with her. She provided me with the healing of these profound and overwhelming challenges by giving and teaching me gentleness, trust, patience, loving kindness, insight, art, and poetry, through an unyielding commitment to a professional partnership with me that honors human and soulful components as well as clinical. Her personal and professional bravery and courage to always keep an open mind and use an approach that constantly forms from the inner guidance of who I truly am, combined with her eclectic inner guidance of what she knows to be true from her professional and personal experiences, has supported me to heal in ways I never thought possible, yet had always dreamed of. Dr. Stehle is an incredibly gifted Psychologist that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to heal from the inside out.

- Incredibly Blessed Patient

… I began to remember how very important you were and still are to my daily survival.  My young daughter actually remembers you: “Ursula”! You not only saved my life, you saved a mother and affected the lives of my three children! … I would like the Thank You, for not only ‘affecting’ me with your love and wisdom, but for instilling some sort of, “loving Kindness”. … the memories of my hours spent with you and the art, I created, are still with me and a remembrance of a time of such great sadness but so much emotional growth I will keep in my heart until my last breath! Thank you, for being the most influential person in my life. … Thank you for your guidance and unconditional love.

- P.C. , Truckee, CA

We just wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done for our family over the course of the last few months. Finding Health Psychology Sacramento has made a huge difference in our family.
Our 13 year old son had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome 3 years before but we had struggled for years to get him any worthwhile help. He had seen psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, behavior modification specialists, speech therapists and participated in social skills groups. He had dozens of tests done and had been on medication for years. Some of it helped a little or for a few months, but always he regressed back to argumentative, anxiety-ridden behavior. By December, 2007, we were at our wit’s end and were seriously considering putting him in residential care. He was angry, unhappy, difficult, controlling and created incredible tension in our family.

Then we found Health Psychology Sacramento! Dr. Stehle was encouraging and gave us hope that they could help our son. After testing, it was determined he should participate in their intensive outpatient program. We also discovered that our insurance, PacifiCare, would cover most of the expense. What a huge difference that made in being able to afford the services!!

In January, we started twice weekly therapy and twice weekly yoga classes, as well as a comprehensive vitamin and supplement program. The change was not overnight but by April, we were seeing some real improvements. He was happier, laughed more, and wasn’t quite as argumentative. By June, it was like having a different child! He has continued to make progress and we cannot get over how changed he is. He cooperates most of the time, admits his role in problems, apologizes for wrongdoing, and tries to carry on discussions with others. He is thinking through his behavior and has become much more self-aware. He seems happy for the first time in years!
My husband and I, plus our other 2 boys, have received therapy at Health Psychology Sacramento as well. It made a huge difference in how we related to our son and gave the other boys understanding and tools for how to deal with a brother with Asperger’s.

Everyone we have worked with at Health Psychology Sacramento has been professional, kind, understanding, encouraging and helpful. It is fantastic to receive comprehensive help, all through one agency, so everyone is unified in their approach and understanding. We have come so far in just 8 months and can’t thank the staff at Health Psychology Sacramento enough. We are also so grateful that our insurance, by covering the expenses except for a co-pay, has made this change in our family possible. We could not afford the program otherwise.

We know we will have years of work ahead of us, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now and that is a blessing! Thank you!

- Anthony and Valerie Colacchia

The Howard family was introduced to Dr. Ursula Stehle and Health Psychology Sacramento after several years of searching for a satisfactory treatment for our then twenty-eight year old daughter, Sarah. Sarah was twenty-nine when she began treatment with Dr. Stehle for High Functioning Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome.

From the very beginning, we (Sarah’s father, mother, and Sarah) felt comfortable with the facility and the people. As time went on, Sarah’s two older sisters were brought in to learn more about Sarah’ s treatment. We are updated regularly as to her progress.

Sarah has seen several therapists associated with Health Psychology Sacramento. Each one has had a particular strength which has been important in her treatment. She has been on a variety of supplements which have been monitored carefully by Dr. Stehle and changed as needed. She is also being treated with medication that is monitored by a psychiatrist recommended by Dr. Stehle. They work together to be sure that medication, supplements, and treatment continue to be right for Sarah.

At this time Sarah is working with the Employment Education Specialist, Cindy Zoeller, preparing for employment that she will enjoy and where she will be comfortable.
Sarah is leaps beyond where she was when she first began. We credit this to her treatment at Health Psychology Sacramento and are very grateful to all of the staff and to Dr. Stehle.

Thank you, Ursula and Staff, for all you have done and are doing for Sarah. We are most fortunate to have been introduced to you.

- The Howard Family

I really never got to thank you for all that you did for my son. He is doing very well in college, making acquaintances and on his way to making friends. He speaks up in class and sits at the front of the classroom now—before he always sat in the back. He can still be moody, but his swings are less intense and much shorter in duration. He has lost about fifty pounds and is looking great and eating much better. He still loves to cook! I of course have not lost weight because he cooks so well! I am so grateful for all of the work that you, Wanda and my son have done to make his life better. Thank you again.

- Mother of a young adult with developmental challenges

About a year ago when my son was 12 years old, he became quite out of control. He was physically hurting his younger brother, running away from home whenever he became angry, and being completely disrespectful towards his parents. We knew we had to do something, especially as he was entering puberty. We had heard wonderful reports of Health Psychology Sacramento from a friend of ours whose son had experienced some amazing results. While his diagnosis was different than our son’s, my friend really felt Health Psychology Sacramento could help us, as well.

Your office staff was polite and got us an appointment to be seen right away. We didn’t have to wait for weeks and months as was common in the past. When a crisis is spinning out of control, it needs to be dealt with immediately—not weeks or months from the time of crisis. We felt an appropriate amount of time was taken to do an entire family history (including looking at extended family issues) and to examine the steps that had been taken to that point. In addition, individual testing was done to focus on what were some of his major issues. Out of this testing and history, a plan was put together that included the whole person and the whole family.
Dealing with the whole family seems to be such a key factor in dealing with a family member with mental illness.

- Jan Whitfield and the Whitfield Family

“My experience here was lifesaving! I was spiraling both physically and psychologically down into an abyss, due to some abuse brought on by my employer, because of a disability I knew very little about. The Health Psychology Sacramento Team, not only was instrumental in me learning about this disability, they gave me several tools to use to manage it and the stress that is involved. The best thing is this clinic showed me that I was ok the way I am, they accomplished this by treating my problem from a holistic approach. While, I was in therapy I referred friends, and even family members who I felt could benefit from their services. Today, I am healing, and equipped with the tools necessary to further my process.”

- L. B., Elk Grove, CA

“I have been going to Health Psychology Sacramento since 1996. Through divorce and leukemia their staff of therapists and counselors helped save my life! In the wake of Acute Myeloid Leukemia followed by a bone marrow transplant at City Of Hope I chose to return to Sacramento in large part due to Dr. Stehle and her staff and their ability and skill at healing the body, mind, and spirit. I cannot give enough praise to these wonderful professionals!”

- David M., Duarte, CA

“After our daughter received a diagnosis of high functioning autism from a psychiatrist at the Alta Regional Center, Health Psychology Sacramento was the first facility she was referred to for intervention. We found the staff, especially Wanda Alteri, and Dr. Ursula Stehle to be models of compassion and professionalism. Wanda’s therapy sessions and the vitamin supplements recommended by Dr. Stehle have truly helped my daughter mitigate the effects of her disability. We are very appreciative of the services we received.”

- Jim G., Folsom, CA

“After a little more than 2 years of therapy at Health Psychology Sacramento, our son learned what he needed to function normally. For the next several years, we helped him apply what he had learned at Health Psychology Sacramento. By the time he was a junior in high school, the Asperger’s Syndrome was gone. He could not have done this without Dr. Stehle and her team’s work.”

- Satisfied Patient