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Outcome Measures

Outcome Measures for the Integrative Chronic Pain Management Program

All the patients who have graduated from our Integrative Chronic Pain management Program do so with significant pain reduction, functional improvements, and freedom from opiate medications.

This data was obtained using the BBHI 2 – Brief Battery for Health Improvement 2.

The BBHI 2 is a standardized testing inventory that serves as a repeated measure of pain and functioning, tracking progress in treatment, as well as the outcome. Numerical values are on a scale from 1 to 10.

All test scores were taken at the start of the program, and again eight months later.

Outcome Measures for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The following graph resents data compiled by the ABAS II – Adaptive Behavior Assessment System II* – at intake and again after the first 6 months of treatment. The ABAS II is a standardized test that measures adaptive behaviors in nine domains. For simplicity reasons, all measured domains were condensed into one score and represented as T-scores.

* Please see Harrison, P.L., Oakland, T. Adaptive Behavior Assessment System. J Psyched Assess 2004; 22; 367-373.

HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento is an Evidence-Based Clinic and all programs reflect that standard of care. All our programs meet and exceed the criteria for EBPP (evidence-based practice in psychology) as set forth by the American Psychological Association.